'su' supplemental group problems

'su' supplemental group problems

Post by Andrew Gier » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

If I have a line in the inittab that looks like this:

foo:2:respawn:/bin/su someuser -c "some command"

then the uid and gid get set properly, but the supplementary group list
never gets picked up. This is on 3.2v4.2.

In other contexts, su seems to do the Right Thing.

What gives?


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1. effective supplemental group and allowed supplemental group

I am trying to expand the number of effective supplemental groups.  I have
increased NGROUP to the level (32) which is more than addequate to include
the number of groups I need to be effective at one time.

I have created the .suppgroups file in the correct home directory for the
account I am working on and included in it all the groups that the account
should have effective membership in.  I have configured this .suppgroups
with all the groups the user should have and with all but the first eight
that show
up in response to `id`.

Basically, I'm trying to get everything that responds to `sg -t` to show up
`sg` (effective vs allowed).

I've confirmed that user is a member of each group that I want to be

Synopsis:  How do I get all my allowed groups to be effective groups?

This is SCO OpenServer 5.0.5.


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