Help - moving SCO 3.2v4.2 to new hard disk

Help - moving SCO 3.2v4.2 to new hard disk

Post by Hugh Billitz » Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi can anyone please me. Need copy of SCO Technical Article on moving SCO
3.2v3.2 (aka OpenSever 3.0) boot/root to new hard disk.

Briefly (?) the scenario is
- The boot/root SCSI hard disk is starting to fail (1GB SCSI on Adaptec 2940)
- Cannot get same drive easily so we are given a 2GB SCSI
- Do partial install on new hard disk to get boot code on disk
   (with different file system sizes)
- Restore from root file system backup
- System boots OK to single user mode but will not mount any file system. Get
  the message "cannot stat /dev/xxx" where xxx is the raw device file name.

Suspect this is basically due to me doing it incorrectly e.g. Attempted
to get a copy of the aritcle from the SCO Support Web site but it could
not find it. Found the article for 3.2v2.0 but this refers to this other
article for 3.2v4.2 (the one I could not find).

Post and/or email - thanks in advance

Hugh Billitzer

"panic: /dev/null corrupted - bit bucket leak detected"


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primary hard disk. On this
hard disk, 2 filesystems are mounted, the /dev/root and also another
self-created file system for
data purposes.

        Recently, the hard disk seems to have bad blocks and there is a risk
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        Thanks in advance...


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