site manager in Netscape Enterprise Web Server

site manager in Netscape Enterprise Web Server

Post by Superuser Accou » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have installed the Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0.1b and in reading the
documentation, it mentiones a site manager. I searched for it and can't
find the application anywhere. Is this feature not part of SCO's port of
the Enterprose server on OpenServer 5.0.4?
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I am running the Netscape Enterprise Server on an IBM RS/6000 with AIX.
When I update an html file and ftp it to the web server I get the error
"Text file busy."

It appears that the Netscape Enterprise Server is some how "locking" the file
and therfore I am no longer able to overwrite this file by putting a new
file in its place.

Any ideas how to overcome this error, or turn off this "locking" feature
of Netscape?


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