Is it a VIRUS for SCO Unix Enterprise 5.0

Is it a VIRUS for SCO Unix Enterprise 5.0

Post by Sam Ch » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Dear Sir(s),

        I am an computer engineer of DEC in Taiwan. And now I face a tuoble
about SCO Unix Enterprise Release 5.0. Would somebody kindly to help me ?

        We installed SCO Unix to our every computer to do stress test in order
to find out our design bugs. The stress tests includes CPU Bouding Testing,
Memory Testing, HDD R/W Testing ... ... etc. But strange thing happens !
Most computers in lab halts at serial ports test at am. 4:04, 11 Dec. !!

        Our test method for serial port test is

                for i=1 to 255
                        write i to serial port.
                        delay some milli seconds
                        read back from serial port
                        if(wrote != read)
                                log error messages
                log this pass time

        In ordinary case, it will log messages to us however it is sucessfull
or not. But it just stop at am 4:04 11 Dec. No further information to us. And
it still can be terminated by 'kill' . ???

        Could you pls telling me what happend ? I'll be very appreciated !

Best Regards,
Sam Chu.


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