Printing from SCO to NT/IP networked printer

Printing from SCO to NT/IP networked printer

Post by Marco van den Ber » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00

 The situation:

A dual machine SCO Unix system running an accounts package.  Previously
wired to dumb terminals and terminal emulation (blast) on PCs thru
serial lines, is now set up in an institute-wide NT network based on
TCP/IP.  Most shared printers are connected by means of ethernet
(HP JetDirect).

The problem:

Users want to print on share printers.

How can I define a printer in SCO to be on an HP jet direct port?  I
have very little UNIX expertise, so the more verbose the suggestions the

Thanx in advance
Marco van den Berg
International Center for Research in Agroforestry
Nairobi, Kenya


1. Printing to NT printers from SCO 2.3V4.2

I have SCO V3.2  and I used to print through a Novell server.
Everything was fine. Now I've replaced Novell with NT. It seems, that
though the NT printers are all set to data type raw, there's a
problem. Instead of the raw print job printing, NT tries to format the
test. Further, if I send control characters, NT tries to print them.
This problem is documented on the Microsoft site.

According to Microsoft,
"This problem occurs when the LPR client sends commands to the Windows
NT TCP/IP Print Server (usually called LPD,  after the UNIX term Line
Printer Daemon) that responds by assigning the print job the TEXT
datatype.  To work around this problem, reconfigure the LPR client to
send different commands so that Windows NT assigns the job the RAW

Although LPR clients are often UNIX-based, LPR software exists for
most operating systems, including Windows NT. The Windows NT TCP/IP
Print Server (LPD) receives jobs from LPR clients and submits them to
the spooler. LPR clients always send a control file containing
administrative information with each print job. The Windows NT LPD
service assigns a datatype based on the control file commands. If the
client sends the "f", "o", or "p" control command, LPD assigns the job
the TEXT datatype. Otherwise, LPD assigns the print job the RAW

Because the LPD service assigns a datatype explicitly, the Print
Manager default datatype has no effect on print jobs that arrive via
LPD. To change the LPD service behavior, reconfigure the PR client to
send a different control command.  "

Can anyone tell me how I do this under SCO 386?


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