OSS449F Patch (Network maintenance supplement) problem

OSS449F Patch (Network maintenance supplement) problem

Post by Kain » Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I got a problem while installing the OSS449F patch (Network maintenance
supplement) for SCO OpenServer 5.0.2

The patch fail to update some of the variables contain in a space.c (i'm not
sure about the full path of the file)
The falliure result in an error and the impossibility to re-link the kernel.

If someone did install this patch (succesfully of course), please could he
send me the file in question(SPACE.C) via this newsgroup or thru email at

Thanks you


1. Need advice regarding patches and Maintenance Supplement...

Can someone describe to me the recommended strategy regarding
patches?  We have installed the jumbo kernel and lp patches and
some small serial port patches and are currently working to make
a port bidirectional without success.  

We have recurring weird events, like ports reconfiguring themselves,
console with weird junk on it after reboot, etc, and meanwhile we are
all new to Unix system admin ourselves so we are not comfortable
that we have a stable and robust system yet.

For these and just about any
other problems we have called SUN about, the first question is
'have you installed the patches?'.  Clearly, these patches are
numerous and come out quite often so it is impossible to keep
applying the latest patches.  (We have now moved var out of
 / mainly in response to the rapid growth of space taken by patches).

Some SUN troubleshooters have told us to install all patches, others
never to do that but rather just install the patches that seem
relevant to our current problems.  

We just received the Maintenance Supplement 1 (dated 4/94).  We
thought maybe this would bring us up to a stable revision of
Solaris 2.3.  In dealing with the problematic setup of a
bidirectional port, a SUN troubleshooter says not to install this
Supplement since it is old.

Sorry for the long description...

A question: we have about 6-8 patches installed on Solaris 2.3.
Would we be better off to install the Maintenance Supplement 1
with its oldish patches, then bring our 6-8 up-to-date, or to
neglect the maintenance supplement altogether?  Do most admins
apply zillions of patches?

Thanks for any help.
Steve Piper
Scripps Inst. of Oceanography

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