3Com 509 card and SCO CMW 3.0.0

3Com 509 card and SCO CMW 3.0.0

Post by The Raving Lunati » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Yes, I have. I tried everything, including removing the card and configuring
it on a windoze pc. Reconfigured the Compaq server a dozen times. Called
sco and 3c support about 100 times. downloaded lli drivers for the etherlink
cards from everybody, sco, 3com and assorted samaritan sites, to no avail.
I could make it work, allright, but the first powerdown will shoot me out
of the water. Through the magic of "no support from OS vendor" attitude
from sco and "it should work with the file that is on our bbs at" from 3c
this was a truly unenjoyable experience, specially considering that I was
the idiot who suggested the 3c509 in the first place (cuz they worked so
nice at my old job with pc/win3.11/nt/96 hooked up to suns.

I finally broke down and bought a networker from compaq, because at least
compaq will call me back, and will ship the card with the proper drivers
for sco 3.2.4.x. I got that installed and running in about 5 minutes, not
counting recompilation of kernel.

> : also, i'd go with another board instead of the 3c509, making one work
> : under sco has proven to be a royal pain in the ass for me.

> Presumably, you have turned off the plug and play on your card.

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> Sheffield, Sheffield, England S10 2UJ


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