Oracle 7.3.3 Server Manager/SCO openserver 5.04

Oracle 7.3.3 Server Manager/SCO openserver 5.04

Post by Mishi Sarav » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have been unable to get the GUI version of Server Manager working. The
Oracle installation manual references an SCO SLS patch oss430a which is a
patch for openserver 5.00 and 5.02. Am I missing an updated patch or
something else?

Thanks in advance.


1. Oracle Server Manager GUI and SCO Open server 5.04

I am unable to run the GUI version Oracle Server Manager in SCO openserver
enterprise 5.04 environment. The program exits with a brief error message
(TK2-00001: An oracle tool kit failure).  The installation manual has a note
about SLS OSS430A, which is a supplement for openserver 5.00 and 5.02. This
supplement is not installable for 5.04. I was wondering if I am missing a
patch or a fixup?  The Oracle version that I am running is 7.3.3.

Thanks in advance

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