groff patch?

groff patch?

Post by Mikhail Kuperbl » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I believe someone posted a patch that allows groff to be compiled
under OSE 5. If it wasn't my imagination, would someone, please,
e-mail it to me or re-post it here? Thanks!



1. Patches, patches and more patches

I've just installed Solaris 8 (2/02) on my Ultra 5 and was wondering if
there is a reliable source for patches that need to be applied. Sun's site
is somewhat confusing. There is the 8_Recommended patch cluster, then there
is PatchPro which gives me a list for the recommended and Security patches
that I should apply to my specific system, then there is patchdiag which I
ran and it gave me a report of installed and uninstalled patches. Each of
these tools list patches that are universal across each list but then each
tool lists a number of patches that neither of the other does!

I would think that patchdiag is the most accurate since it takes into
consideration which packages are installed on my system but the "Unlisted
patches" sections of the report are confusing. Do I need to install these
patches also?

Obviously I do not want to spend more time than I have to to patch my
machine, but I want to be sure my system is up to par as best I can.

Any ideas? How do other sys admins approach patches on newly installed
machines or updates for that matter?



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