Applying Patches to SCO OS5 Enterprise

Applying Patches to SCO OS5 Enterprise

Post by Jean-Pierre Radle » Sat, 02 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Quote:Harry Fine writes:
> Hello All

> Well, I finally managed to get my Xenix --> SCO Unix OS5 Enterprise upgrade
> up and running.  I installed from a CD-ROM.  I have been told I should get
> the SCO OS5 5.0d patch.  I found it (3 files) in the COmpuserve Forums.
> However, when I go to install the patch, it is looking for files called
> vol_000.000, vol_001.000 etc.  My file, and they are the right ones, are
> called rs500v1.d, rs500v2.d etc. Should I be renaming these files and then
> applying the patch?

Anybodty on CompuServe coudl tell you yee, rnename them to VOL.000.000,
VOIL.001.000, VOL.002.000.

Quote:> Does the patch have to be applied on all 3 files, or does it recognize the
> names and do them together?

Run custom and tel it the driectory where those three iimages reside.

Quote:> I was also told to put on the Net100 and AHS5.1 patches.  I searched all the
> libraries in the SCO forum, but they were not there.  Any ideas where I can
> get them.  

They are there.  There were several threads on where they are in the last
few days.

Quote:> Does it matter what order I put these 3 (5.0d, Net100, AHS5.1) patches on?

I posted a message from SCO about that on Section 9 the other day, as well
as on this newsgroup.

Quote:> Lastly, I am purchasing Merge from SCO.  When I called them today, they told
> me NOT to put Merge on from my existing CD-ROM, as there is a new version
> which supports Windows real mode, and they will ship me disks instead.  Does
> it matter if I put on Merge after or before the patches are applied.  I have
> been told both before and after by two different people.

Whatever suits you. The SSE disks which people got last week do in fact
have a later Merge.