Access to 2nd IDE drive... Thanks but no-thanks.

Access to 2nd IDE drive... Thanks but no-thanks.

Post by Deana Hu » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for help in accessing
my 2nd IDE hd.

I still cannot get it going.  It appears that when mkdev hd runs
it creates the devs ok but pukes on the dkinit and dparam section.

I have tried various ways to get it going but no go.

Thanks once again, but it is time to try out Linux or UnixWare.

ps. Hey SCO, I support a few commercial SCO systems and I WILL NOT be
recommending that they stay, let alone upgrade to OS5. Have a nice life.


1. Linux on 2nd IDE drive on 2nd IDE controller?

I am considering installing Linux on my PC.  All of my hard drive space
is spoken for, so I would need to add a third hard drive to my system.
But, before I go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a new
hard drive, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of problems
I might have if I set my PC up this way:

System is a Gw2k P5-120, 32 meg 60ns EDO ram, ATI Mach 64 graphics, on board
EIDE controller, Ensoniq Soundscape sound card.

EIDE Controller 0:
     Drive 0:  OS/2 Boot Manager
               FAT partition for Window$ '95 (*mutter* *grumble*)

     Drive 1:  5 HPFS partitions (OS/2 Warp, programs, data, news spool, etc.)

EIDE Controller 1:
     Drive 0:  ATAPI-compliant 3-disk CD-ROM drive

     Drive 1:  new HD, where Linux partitions will go

In other words, will Linux squawk at being installed on or booting from the
secondary drive on the secondary controller?  Or, do I need to look into
getting a SCSI drive?  I haven't seen anything written in the files I've
looked at that suggest that there might be a problem, but....

Also, is there anything special I need to know in shopping for a
hard drive for Linux, or about hardware problems I am going to encounter
(aside from only being able to use tray 0 of the CD-ROM drive....)?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Adams
Triskele Consulting
Enterprise, Alabama


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