C D ROM changers under SCO unix 4.2

C D ROM changers under SCO unix 4.2

Post by Dimitri C. Patakidi » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a CD changer that I can use on a sco Unix box. Is there such a thing that sco will recognize
and "be happy " to work with ?
I am trying to avoid having a seperate case with 10-20 drives.

Dimitri P.


1. SCO unix "version" 4.2 (was: Re: SCO marketroids strike again!)

Ooooh!  Way cool!  Thought I'd post this here, since discussions on
binary compatibility for Linux and Xenix and ISC have begun in c.o.l.

The current Xenix/SysV.3 binary compatibility that exists in ISC and
SCO products is fairly limited.  It almost always falls down when
networking is involved or VGA hardware access is attempted.  I have
seen a Xenix UNIFY DBMS installed installed and run fine under SCO
UNIX, though, so I know the binary compatibility is valuable.

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