Never got ip:spinning messages until loaded oss449F

Never got ip:spinning messages until loaded oss449F

Post by Joel Willia » Tue, 07 Oct 1997 04:00:00

We have a ALR Revolution QSMP server with 4 166Mhz P5 chips that runs
SCO Openserver 5.0.0.  When we originally installed this system, we
loaded net100 and rs500d.  Later when oss449 first 'hit the shelves' I
installed oss449A on the system.  The other day, the system paniced
with a could not freeze processor 2 messages.  Reviewing the SCO web
site, I decided I'd better remove the oss449A patch and apply the
latest oss449F patch.  I did and now I've seen three 'ip:spinning'
messages in 5 days.  The details are:

CPUx: WARNING: ip:spinning on PCB F02D4C80
CPUx: ip_spinreport     5000000
CPUx: spinning at       in_pcb.c+136
CPUx: inp_hold at       tcp_timer.c+99
CPUx: inp_refcnt        1
CPUx: inp_qref          0

Then, after applying patch oss449F, I ran 'inconfig ip_spinreport
5000000' as root to try to prevent the 'ip:spinning on queue' panic
that was reported with oss449F.

The error has occurred on CPU3, CPU4 and CPU2.  Each time, all the
information, except the CPU is the same.

Any ideas?

Joel Williams