SCO Merge error message: ERR_SEMAPHORE: dos: Error Accessing Semaphore?

SCO Merge error message: ERR_SEMAPHORE: dos: Error Accessing Semaphore?

Post by pe.. » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00

I work for a software company, and we have been using SCO Merge for
several years.  Just a few days ago, I tried accessing SCO Merge, by
typing dos at the $ prompt.  It came back with the following message:

ERR_SEMAPHORE: dos: Error Accessing Semaphore

It then returns you to the $ prompt.  I have tried from 4 different
terminals, with no luck.  However, If I try it from the main console,
it works just fine.  I have looked through the manual, and error
messages, but have not found anything.  Any help on this would be
greatly appreciated.  Please send any information via email to:

Thanks in advance...

                Peter Elsner - Tech Support Manager SRI SOFTWARE.


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