Capital Letters in SCO ODT 3.0

Capital Letters in SCO ODT 3.0

Post by Bela Lubki » Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:00:00

> Can anyone tell me how to create file name in Capital Letters in SCO?
> When I type "md SCO" it gives a directory "sco".

"md" is a DOS command; the Unix command is "mkdir".  So why is this
happening?  Well...

Your Open Desktop system includes Locus DOS Merge/386, a DOS emulator.
One of its capabilities is to run DOS commands directly from a Unix
prompt.  The directory /usr/dbin contains many standard DOS commands,
and it's on the standard user path.  One of the commands in that
directory is "md", i.e. DOS's mkdir command.  So when you run `md SCO`,
you're actually running the DOS "md" command.  Finally, DOS Merge has a
filename translation policy which converts all-uppercase DOS filenames
to all-lowercase Unix filenames.

Solution: use mkdir.  You might also want to remove /usr/dbin from your
path to avoid such mix-ups in the future.


Note that SCO Unix traffic is migrating to the new newsgroups
comp.unix.sco.{misc,programmer,announce}.  I've crossposted this and set
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