MST PPP for SCO Dialin PPP Server and Windows 95

MST PPP for SCO Dialin PPP Server and Windows 95

Post by Aung Myint O » Wed, 18 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi Friends,

I dialin to the MST PPP for SCO Dailin PPP Server from the Windows 95, I
saw the following problem.

1. Windows 95 can dialin, can give login name and password.

2. Windows 95 can see PPP negotiation characters. And then press F7.

3. "Verifying User Name and Password" appears on the Windows 95 screen and
cutoff the telephone line.

I analysing the log files so many days. I found the following.

1. The MST PPP for SCO dialin PPP server and Windows 95 negotiated the call
back negotiation.

2. I think, the callback on and the MST PPP is cutoff the line for callback
from MST PPP for SCO.

I looking for the MST PPP for SCO user guide and SCO web site, I did not
see the callback disable for the MST PPP for SCO PPP dialin server side.

If someone know, how to disable the callback negotiation function in MST
PPP for SCO, please e-mail to help me. I have very big problem in MST PPP
dial in PPP server and windows 95.

Please !! Help me .......

Aung Myint Oo
Perfect Innovation (S) Pte Ltd


1. MST PPP for SCO and Windows 95 dial in PPP


I have a problem with MST PPP for SCO ( This come with SCO Internet
FastStart) and dial in to that PPP server from the Windows 95.

I can dial to the UNIX server, can type login name and password, but after
pressing F7, Windows 95 appeared "Verifying User Name and Password" awhile
and the Telephone Line automatically is cutoff (The MST PPP for SCO, PPP
dial in server may be cut the telephone line). I searched SCO support web
sites, e-mailed SCO support, but I cannot get the information about that.

I am really requiring the help!! If some one know my problem, please e-mail
me to help me.

Thanks a lot.

Aung Myint Oo
Perfect Innovation (S) Pte Ptd


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