Problem: Infx NewEra connection with PCNFSpro

Problem: Infx NewEra connection with PCNFSpro

Post by María Waleska Vivas Mendoz » Tue, 11 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi !

I have a problem connecting NewEra on WfW 3.11 using PCNFSpro to Online
5.0 engines running on SCO OpenServer 3.0 and 5.0.

I have however discarded (or misunderstood) all the newgroup discussed
problem/solution information due to the following:

- My instalation DNS has both server and client registered.
- sqlexec Service is correct and not on the last line on the services
- I have tried plain NewEra instalation as well as two different patches
for I-Net provided by Informix.
- I can see the client's connection attempts to sqlexecd when running it
with a log.

*Here comes the best part ...*

- The exact same configuration connects perfectly to an Online 5.0 engine
running on a SPARCserver 10-Solaris 2.5 server (just by changing
connection parameters via the SetNet utility).

- I can also drop PCNFSpro's WinSock and have NewEra connect to SCO (on
the same machine) by dialing in to my instalation trough Trumpet as a TCP
stack. And I am using the same "services", "hosts", "protocols" files and
DNS servers as for PCNFSpro.

I have had other problems with PCNFSpro<->SCO like panics under NFS mounts that were solved by
SCO patches, but this one ... mmmmmh NO luck !

Any solutions, suggestions, comments appreciated to

Confundido . . .
Antonio Pena


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Hello All,

 I was assisting someone install Sun's PCnfspro and having problem
getting the machine to ping or be pinged.  The machine is running Windows
3.1 with a 3Com 3c579 TP card.  We tried a number of different irqs and
io addresses, we also configured the machine for Novell's odi and Cynwr's
public packet drivers.  We were able to load the drivers (the packet
driver displayed the mac address of the card) and pcnfspro was able to
initialize.  We were able to ping our own address, but not anyone else.  
This is an existing network and the netmask and gateway were correct.

This is my first exposure to Sun's PCnfspro.  Does anyone have any ideas
of why I was unable to ping?  If I am able to ping my own address, am I
actually reaching the card?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of detail.  This install was offsite and I am
doing this from memory, late at night.

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