No Devices Connected

No Devices Connected

Post by Brian Tetlo » Wed, 10 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Using SCO V 3.2 4.2 I have just been setting up a US Robotics modem for dial
in and Dial out. I have modified the Inittab, Gettydefs and the Devices files
as outlined in the Sys Admin docs. When I try to dial in the modem is picking
up the signal but getty is not responding. When I try to dial out with
cu I get the message No Device Connected. Both serial ports are enabled as
tty1A and tty2A. HELP, what next.

Thank you in anticipation

Brian Tetlow


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Hi there,

I'm trying to connect some IBM channel connect devices ( Printers and IBM 3480 tape array )
to a SUN box ( SS1000 ). As much as I know there is a company in the US manufacturing
SBUS card's and a channel box, which will allow such connections.

If someone out there can send me some info or contact addresses, so that I can resolve
my problem I'll appreciate. ( It's rather URGENT ) :-(

Regards Todor.

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