Q: SCO OS 5.0 and good olde Ingres ?

Q: SCO OS 5.0 and good olde Ingres ?

Post by Roman Fiet » Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:00:00


An easy one? Does Ingres from ODT 1.1 run on SCO OS 5.0 as it did
under ODT 2.0?


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1. Give me some of that olde time OS religion...

I remember a few years back when the Mac was described as the PC
equivalent of Catholicism, while Winblows was Protestant. I disagree,
after talking to my local Episcopal pastor. He said that even though
the Anglican church was different from the Episcopalian church, a
person (or application) of one could easily attend (or run) on either
church with little difficulty. He added that Episcopalians from around
the world meet every three years to produce "guidelines" for the

So, is Linux like the Episcopalians?

Actually, maybe Winblows is both. It's Protestant when it comes to
hardware, but Catholic when it comes to source code...


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