passwd troubles followup

passwd troubles followup

Post by Bill Walke » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

This is a follow-up to my own post about users not being able to change
their passwords.    Somehow (perhaps with an update to BIND ?) the permissions
on /etc had changed so that /etc belonged to group bin and had rwxr_xr_x

I changed it to belong to group "auth", like the  etc directory under /opt/K
and make permissions rwxrwxr_x

Seems to have worked.  I'll probably never know how it got messed up.


Bill Walker


1. shadow passwd thanks & followup

Thanks for everybody's help re: merging the shadow file with
the original passwd file. For your interest, of our eight
clients, I have so-far run crack on four, using un-modified
dict & rules. 30% success. yikes. the letters should go out
next week :)
FYI 95% of the successful guesses where on the first pass, and
the passwd's where the user's first name's....

I thought hackers had to be smart because it would be difficult
to hack......<yeesh>

anyway, the next four will be tonight, and then I'll start
refining the dicts and rules. God, I just love this!

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