volunteer needed IMMEDIATELY to build the latest gcc

volunteer needed IMMEDIATELY to build the latest gcc

Post by Karl Heu » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The FSF needs a volunteer to build gcc-2.7.1 on the i386-unknown-sco*
configuration.  (Actually we're building on as many platforms as possible,
but that's the "most wanted".)  This is a rush job; it needs to be built
and returned to me ***before this weekend*** (let's say by Nov 18 0500 GMT).
Sorry about the short notice.  If you could take care of this, please start
working on it and let me know that you're doing so.  You can find the sources
in prep.ai.mit.edu:/pub/gnu/gcc-2.7.1.tar.gz.  

More detail for those who've read this far and are still interested.

This build is for the Binaries CDROM.  The purpose is to provide a
minimal compilation environment for a platform where the native compiler
is unbundled.  Hence, it's not necessary to build the complete set of
languages provided with the gcc package; it'll suffice to provide just
gcc.  (Maybe gcc and g++, since we also ship libg++.)

If unbundling the compiler also means that the headers and libraries
are missing, then there's no point in building gcc unless we can ship
glibc as well.  If you happen to know that the vendor omits the headers
and libraries, *and* that glibc hasn't yet been ported to that platform,
then please let me know, so that we can stop wasting time on it.

The Binaries CDROM actually includes not only gcc but also glibc, libg++,
gdb, binutils, bison, flex, and make.  gcc is the critical one;
we could probably make do with the last built version of the other
packages, if necessary.  But if you finish gcc and you've uploaded it
and you want to start on the other packages as well, by all means do so.

I think it will be simplest if you configure with --prefix=/tmp/checkmate
and then do "mkdir /tmp/checkmate" and "make install"; that way you can
tar that entire directory tree without disturbing your own /usr/local.
(I can patch the binaries to change /tmp/checkmate to /usr/local/gnu,
after I unpack the archive.)  If you've already started the build with
--prefix=/usr/local/gnu or /usr/local (the default), that's okay; it's
not necessary to start over.  But please do let me know what prefix you
used, as well as the full three-part configuration name for your platform.

When you have something built, you should upload it to a unique name like
(using your login name as well as the configuration name, so that you
don't overwrite someone else's file).


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