any clues for a stymied mailadm?

any clues for a stymied mailadm?

Post by the develope » Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:00:00

hi Net,

i am trying to cut over to smtp mail delivery, but am having a few config
problems. some hosts, such as the below seem to be connecting and
giving only their domain name, not the fully qualified host name.

trying to telnet to the scohack's 25 port from, i get your
name '' is unknown to me. the /usr/mmdf/log/chan.log is spewing
the below errors. i have run and rerun the scoadmin mail config,
but no combo seems to work.

our host os is sco 3.2.5 using mmdf, our dns is configured, but as
is a domain, not a host(aix, using sendmail), no joy...

any suggestions what i have config'd wrong?

thanks in advance, jackc...

Sage Instruments, Inc.    The Leader In Telecom Testing     408-761-6300(fax)

 4/23 16:42:00 smtpsr3230:  smtpsrvr ([]) no channel for host
 4/23 16:43:30 smtpsr3233:  smtpsrvr ( no channel for host
 4/23 16:58:06 smtpsr3369:  smtpsrvr ([]) no channel for host
 4/23 17:05:33 smtpsr3406:  smtpsrvr ( no channel for host
                                      this is specially weird as i have an
                                      entry in /usr/mmdf/table/smtp.chn
                                      for this ip addr as well as /etc/hosts !!

 4/23 17:27:28 smtpsr3586:  smtpsrvr ([]) no channel for host
 4/23 17:46:40 smtpsr3663:  smtpsrvr ( no channel for host
 4/23 17:51:03 smtpsr3673:  smtpsrvr ( no channel for host

mmdftailor file is...

;#  "mmdftailor" - processed by MMDF administration client program
;#    Last updated: Tue Apr 23 17:19:52 PDT 1996


; **************************************************************************
;       Copyright (c) 1994              The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
;       All rights reserved.  No part of this program or publication may be
;       reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system,
;       or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or
;       by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical,
;       biological, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of:
;               The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.          (408) 425-7222
;               400 Encinal St., Santa Cruz, California 95060 USA
; **************************************************************************
MLNAME "sageinst"
MSUPPORT Postmaster
MMBXNAME ".mailbox"

MTBL show="Global Aliases", name=galias, file=aliases
MTBL show="Local host's names", name=local, file=local.chn
MTBL show="List processor", name=list, file=list.chn
MTBL show="Root domain", name=rootdom, file=root.dom, flags=domain
MTBL show=" domain", name=localdom, file=local.dom, flags=domain,
MTBL show="nobypass aliases", name=alias-n, file=alias.n
MTBL show="SMTP channel", name=smtpchn, file=smtp.chn, flags=partial
MTBL show="NS Root domain", name=rootdomNS, file=local.dom, flags=domain

ALIAS table=galias, nobypass
ALIAS table=alias-n, nobypass

MDMN name="root", dmn="", show="Root Domain", table=rootdom
MDMN name="localdom", dmn="", show=" Domain",
MDMN name="rootNS", dmn="", show="NS Root Domain", table=rootdomNS

MCHN show="Local delivery", name=local, que=local, tbl=local, pgm=local,
     ap=822, mod=imm
MCHN show="Mailing list", name=list, que=list, tbl=list, pgm=list, ap=same,
MCHN show="SMTP Delivery", name=smtp, que=smtp, tbl=smtpchn, pgm=smtp, ap=822,
     mod=imm, confstr="charset=7bit,"
MCHN show="BadHost->ScruzNet", name=badhosts, que=badhosts, tbl=smtpchn,
     pgm=smtp, ap=822, ap=nodots, mod=host, ttl=24,
MCHN show="Delay channel", name=delay, que=delay, tbl=smtpchn, pgm=delay,


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