Incoming FTP jam.

Incoming FTP jam.

Post by Jari Tuovin » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

TCP/IP or SCO bug?

Incoming ftp sometimes prompts only 'connected',
and nothing else happens. If user kills ftp by CTRL^Z and kill %1,
try again, he gets username prompt and everything works fine.
He are using automatic scripts but I got same from command line.

When ftp jamming, ping and telnet works fine in same time problem is present!
Other programs haven had any problems.

No errors in netstat.

This is SERIOUS problem now, because my customer gets automatic orders
from delivery many times per day. Orders are made bymeans ftp put.

Configuration is new and it works sometimes couble days. And starts randomly.


tty.o, ftpd, slip?

SCO Unix Rel. 3.2 Version 2 and SCO TCP/IP Runtime System V1.2.1.

I have configured slip port to OLIVETTI 486 COM2 port.


 /etc/slattach -m 986 /dev/tty2a '1addr' '2addr' 9600&
 /etc/route add default '2addr' 1   #(I don't want put right addresses)

#(end of TCP start section)

 ifconfig sl0 netmask #slattach didn't notice netmask


 Se2a:23:off:/etc/getty tty2a m

#(last line)

 tcp:a:once:/etc/tcp start

I hope somebody find some ideas, thanks.


1. Security, hosts.deny & jam, lovely jam.

Just read the March 1994 White Paper, 'A Practical Guide to Solaris
Security,' because I was searching some
docs on how to set the    /etc/hosts.deny   (like on my Linux box)

There was no mention of it. Or jam.

What's the best way to restrict specific networks, or single addresses using
various services and/or ports?

Tom Hanks In Advance.

Free jam* for best answer. (Or jello if you are American)

*Specifically, the jam is pretend. The best answer will receive pretend jam.

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