PPP Morning star connection problem

PPP Morning star connection problem

Post by Michael Sirac » Mon, 11 May 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to connect to MSN (Microsoft Network) with no success.
Below is a copy of my /var/adm/pppd.log

5/10-16:29:08-384 Compiling /usr/lib/mstppp/Filter...
5/10-16:29:08-384 Filter for from /usr/lib/mstppp/Filter installed
on du0
5/10-16:29:08-384 Morning Star Technologies PPP
5/10-16:29:08-384 Version 2.0 [30-May-1996 17:42:29 sco-i386]
5/10-20:29:08-384 du0: pppd auto exec
/usr/lib/mstppp/exec.dialout netmask debug 5
5/10-20:29:19-384 udp -> 45 bringup
5/10-20:29:19-384 Lock file /usr/spool/uucp/LCK..tty1a created
5/10-20:29:19-384 Dialing (tty1A 57600 1-617-927-4200 USR)
5/10-20:29:19-384 abort on (NO CARRIER)
5/10-20:29:19-384 abort on (NO DIALTONE)
5/10-20:29:19-384 abort on (BUSY)
5/10-20:29:19-384 timeout set to 5 seconds
5/10-20:29:19-384 expect ()
5/10-20:29:19-384 got it
5/10-20:29:19-384 send (ATQ2V1^M)
5/10-20:29:19-384 expect (OK)
5/10-20:29:24-384 timeout
5/10-20:29:24-384  -- read timed out
5/10-20:29:24-384 send (ATQ2V1^M)
5/10-20:29:25-384 expect (OK)
5/10-20:29:30-384 timeout
5/10-20:29:30-384  -- read timed out
5/10-20:29:30-384 Dial failed
5/10-20:29:30-384 Call to failed (Dial failed)

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


PPP Morning star connection problem

Post by Bill At » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

>I'm trying to connect to MSN (Microsoft Network) with no success.
>Below is a copy of my /var/adm/pppd.log

>5/10-20:29:19-384 send (ATQ2V1^M)
>5/10-20:29:19-384 expect (OK)
>5/10-20:29:24-384 timeout
>5/10-20:29:24-384  -- read timed out
>5/10-20:29:24-384 send (ATQ2V1^M)
>5/10-20:29:25-384 expect (OK)
>5/10-20:29:30-384 timeout

Don't know why, but your modem is not responding to any "AT" commands
from the "Dialers" script.  PPP is sending the "ATQ2V1" command to your
modem, but the modem is not responding with "OK".  Possibly your "Devices"
file is not set up properly, or some other problem with the modem.  You
can eliminate or identify some possible problems by seeing if you can
use "cu" to connect to the modem and at least get an AT-OK response manually.