Network disaster-help

Network disaster-help

Post by Mark A. Davi » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am having a terrible time....
We have a SCO ODT3.0 box serving Xterminals on 2 network segments (separate
cards and addresses).  One of the segements is plagued with problems;
Xterminals will freeze for short or long times, and this is what my netstat -i
looks like right this second:

Name   Mtu   Network     Address       Ipkts   Ierrs Opkts   Oerrs Collis
enc00  1500  204.117.14  taylor        707435  0     829465  0     1761
enc01  1500  204.117.14  taylor        1254287 4129  1642300 1280  3161

Note that enc00 is working fine, and has no errors.
Enc01, on the other hand is the problem.  I note when the network is*,
Ierrs go up and up.

I have looked through all the docs and everything I could find to no avail.
I have no idea how to find what is causing the problems.  Do I need a
network analyzer?  If so, can I build one very cheaply or free?  Even
searching the internet for hours and hours, I can't find anything.

All suggestions welcome.... Please email me if possible, my USENET feed is
REALLY bad right now, I am lucky to get 10% of the posted messages.

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1. Building a network / intranet connected to Internet - PLEASE HELP prevent a disaster !!!

trying to prevent a disaster here - long story cut short

I'm in a small company where the owners have decided to install a network to
connect the office PCs - ( 14 Win-98 PCs... and 2 iMacs ) - and include a
shared Internet connection

so, they called in a local so-called "computer expert" :p
who has put together a plan that seems suicidal

I've seen the first draft document, and his more outrageous claims include :

1 :"there's no need for a firewall - hackers aren't interested in small

2: "ALL of the computers will need their own public IP address..."


the decision as to whether to proceed will be taken at the end of May
so, I have a few weeks in which to become a networking guru  :)

maybe not "guru"...

but have a sufficient working knowledge to be able to:

1: point out what is wrong - **and explain why**

Of course, at that point, it's likely that they'll ask me to

2: present a realistic alternative  :o

I think I understand the theory,
( I hope I'm beyond the "Networks For Dummies" stage )

but I haven't actually built a network,
especially one on which people's jobs will rely
so am unsure of the more "practical" factors

any recommendations for appropriate tutorials, references and the like ??

especially the pros and cons of MS vs *-nix for the "non-desktop" devices

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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