ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI HD (Adaptec 2940 W/UW)

ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI HD (Adaptec 2940 W/UW)

Post by Dennis Carmo » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I was unable to complete an install of SCO 5.0.4 on a Gatetway 2000
200MHz Pentium with an Adaptec 2940 W / UW and an ATAPI IDE CD-ROM
(secondary IDE controller, master device).

It reads the installation media the first time, but after I get
through all of the hard disk setup and product selection (right after
it asks for the root password and says installation can now proceed
unattended), SCO sits there at the "Reading from Installation media"
and never does anything... Keyboard still works (Num-Lock, Caps-Lock,
etc) but I cannot eject the CD-ROM, nor can I break the install or do
anything but reboot... I gave up and decided to go with a network
install, but it still troubles me...

Anyone with and ideas?  Bela?  I don't want to eat up a support call
on this, as this shouldn't be charged... It should definately be
possible to do this...  But it doesn't work.

I seem to remember someone saying something about problems with the
Adaptec 2940 W/UW controller on install, but don't remember the

After I loaded the system, I was able to do a mkdev cd and the cd-rom
drive works fine... So there's something wrong with the boot disk
kernel, I imagine... Please copy me in mail if possible.


-Dennis Carmody
Project Engineer
Enertec, Inc.


ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI HD (Adaptec 2940 W/UW)

Post by Bertran » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I already had this problem before. Have you tried to use the syntax at the
boot prompt: defbootstr sdsk=alad(x,x,x,x) srom=wd(y1,y2,0,0) to specify
your cd rom as an atapi one otherwise it will try to install with a scsi cd
rom ot tape.
where x,x,x,x is your scsi ha, lun, id , and 0. and y1 is the number of
your ide port and y2 is the fact of it being master (0) or slave (1). Note:
if you've got only one cd on your ide channel it MUST be as a master one
otherwise it won't work. Let me know if it's working please.


ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI HD (Adaptec 2940 W/UW)

Post by David Clayt » Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>I was unable to complete an install of SCO 5.0.4 on a Gatetway 2000
>200MHz Pentium with an Adaptec 2940 W / UW and an ATAPI IDE CD-ROM
>(secondary IDE controller, master device).

Try turning off "Bus Initialization" in the Adaptec setup.

Regards, David.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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1. adaptec 2940 UW + SCSI HD +linux 2.0.18 + ext SCSI ZIP drive ?

I think I have now spent a reasonable amount of time reading TFM and
experimenting with
a quite large number of combinaisons of settings... But my problem is
still here.
Any help appreciated:

my linux box was happy with its 2 scsi HD (ID 0 and 6), but whenever I
connect the ZIP drive
(switchs set to ID 5, term on) on the 68 pin EXT plug of the 2940, via a
68-25 scsi Cable,
any attempt to scan the scsi chain hangs:
After detecting the first scsi hd, instead of writing drive C after the
model name, as it does
when nothing is plugged on the external scsi plug, it waits for a couple
of minutes,
before saying that no booting scsi device were found, wich then leads to

DISK SYSTEM FAILUREetc and I have to reboot
( This is even not a linux pb yet, because the 2940 Setup utility (ctrl
A at boot time)
hangs when scanning scsi IDs: it stops on the ID 6, and after a while:
time out message.)
I have tried all the scsi adapter terminaisons (although low off high on
seems suggested by the adaptec doc), and I know the zip drive is OK
because it is recognized under WINDOZE
(though I had to test that on an other machine, which had a 25 pin  scsi
ext plug, so i  used the
original Zip sci cable, andcannot be sure the 68-25 cable i m using is
Is there any scsi caveat  i am not aware of yet ?
has anyone already havethis config ( ie intern. scsi boot disk and
extern. scsi Zip and 2940 UW) to work ?
Thanks in advance !!!

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