UW213 - mailsurr - setting correct date based on TZ on outgoing mails

UW213 - mailsurr - setting correct date based on TZ on outgoing mails

Post by Barry O'Connel » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00

    I have been trying to get outgoing mail to display a date in the correct
based on my TZ setting but I keep getting GMT, my TZ is as follows:

# cat /etc/TIMEZONE
export TZ
# echo $TZ
# date
Wed Dec  1 14:41:52 EST 1999

I have tried putting TZ in /etc/mail/mailcnfg as follows, followed by
shutting down and restarting
smtp using /etc/rc2.d/S81smtp, such that it regenerates /etc/mail/mailsurr,
but so far no success:
3.  SURR_EXPORT=TZ=:Australia/NSW

I have checked the mail FAQ and SCO's technical article database, and also
archives of this
news group, but only came up with one unanswered question on SURR_EXPORT
March 1996.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.




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I recently installed kernel 1.1.45 and a bunch of utilities from the MCC
collection. Now, even though I have correct Zone entry (US/Eastern) in
/usr/lib/zoneinfo/{localtime,posixtime,posixrules}, using /bin/date
and /sbin/clock won't reset my TZ from BST.  I think my version of 'date'
may be hardwired to one zone.  I compiled clock from timesrc-2.2 code.  
Does anyone now where source for the /bin/date utility may be found? OR
what I may have missed.  

Tnx for any pointers

Craig Smith

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