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An updated version of the old XPipeman game is now available for UnixWare 2,
OpenServer 5 and Linux. XPipeman2 features multiple levels of color artwork
and sound.

This is freeware. Source packages and binary packages for UnixWare and
OpenServer are available.

See my home page for information and download locations. The Freebird
archive has the UnixWare and source packages under "x11/games". Hopefully
the packages will also soon be referenced through the SCO Skunkware page.

Sound requires an OSS driver such as 4Front or Voxware.

Larry Plona


1. Annoucement: qish-0.3 [generational GC + frames]

Dear All

{{sorry if this is a duplicate annoucement; I posted a previous
message which didn't appear yet; this message is more specific to

It is my pleasure to announce Qish version 0.3

Qish contains a runtime library, including a (rather generic and
reusable) generational copying garbage collection for C (or C++) and
an embryo of ruko, some sort of frame based system. Qish is
opensource, under GPL license.

See for details
Also, on freshmeat:

Download software (tar gnuzipped source in C, of 192Kbytes) from of md5sum
0b41f2b7d3a2817b0570fa4830641e1a licensed under GPL

Using a garbage collector might be useful to avoid some memory related
bugs. An alternative would be to switch to a garbage collected
language implementation such as Ocaml, Java, CommonLisp, etc... See and for details on garbage collection.

Some conservative GC exists, notably the Boehm conservative GC. see which should be easier
to use (it has an API similar to malloc). But Qish should be faster,
and more importantly, compact memory (like any copying GC) thus
avoiding fragmentation.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

If you feel I should not announce it here please say so.


email: basile<at>starynkevitch<dot>net
alias: basile<at>tunes<dot>org
8, rue de la Fa?encerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France

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