Kernel Link Error after mkdev mouse

1. Link Error after mkdev .scsi

After installing V5.0 (thanks to SCO for sorting out the licencing mess
up with our original order) I ran mkdev .scsi to remove our second hard
disk.  I then ran mkdev .scsi again to put the second hard disk back into
the kernel.  Upon relinking during the build I got two error messages to
the effect that the program could not edit space.c.  I'm getting those
errors on each subsequent rebuild.  The system appears to be working OK

Is this a known problem?  Is there a fix?  If I need to reinstall, tell
me now before I start restoring our programs, users, and data :-)

Much obliged,

Wilson King & Co, Prince George B.C.            voice: 604 960-3250
Canada V2L 5B8                                    fax: 604 562-7777

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