Samba install directions...

Samba install directions...

Post by Shane Gibs » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

This article is intended specifically for Edward...  However, if it pertains
to you...Great!


You can find information about Samba at the following location:


There is install and configuration information in both of these places.




1. Samba works - in one direction

Attempting to use Samba to share between a debian
linux box and a Windows 2000 box.

After some effort, I can see my (debian) shared directory
in Network Neighborhood on the Win 2K box.  I can
create files (on the Win2K box) in this directory and
read them from debian.

But so far, attempts to mount the Win 2K shares under
debian Linux have failed.

Command "smbclient -L debian" shows what looks like
the right info.

But "mount" and "smbmount" of the Win2K share don't

I've worked through the tests and exercises in
and all of them work fine.

Any clues??  Maybe something in my Win2K setup?

rafe b.

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