Compaq RAID5 Disk Accesses Interfere With Keyboard/Mouse Input at Console

Compaq RAID5 Disk Accesses Interfere With Keyboard/Mouse Input at Console

Post by Kevin La » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

We have setup SCO Unix OpenServer Enterprise Edition release 5.00
yesterday on the Compaq Proliant 5000 6/200 Model 1 Server and we have
since been encountering performance problem with the SCO GUI whenever the
4 Fast Wide SCSI-2 Compaq hard disks configured as RAID5 under Compaq
Smart-2/P Array Controller is being accessed.

The Compaq server will pause for 3-5 seconds or more whenever there is a
hard disk access even though the SCO Unix operating environment supposed
to be multitasking.  The frequency of such hard disk access occurs for
almost every mouse click or keyboard entry.

This problem aggravates the usage of the system because all mouse and
keyboard input is disrupted so frequently to the point that input at the
console is almost impossible.  The default swap space is 98MB.

Lionel Lee
Cold Storage PL
DID: 739 4895
FAX: 737 3581


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