Socket Enet PCMCIA and Socket/Trimble GPS PCMCIA on SCO

Socket Enet PCMCIA and Socket/Trimble GPS PCMCIA on SCO

Post by John Hig » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm responsible for getting Socket Ethernet PCMCIA and Socket/Trimble
GPS PCMCIA cards working on several SCO Unix systems.  I'm having
problems with the gps card on my custom 486/33 boxes.

Setup:  Socket EA Lan Adapter
        Socket/Trimble GPS Card
        SCO Unix
        Wimsey?/Socket? Driver
        Hardware: Either IBM Thinkpad or custom 486/33 Box

This setup works fine on the Thinkpad, but fails on the custom box.
What do I mean by failure?  On the Thinkpad, the driver finds
/dev/tty2a available for use, but on the custom box, tty2a is busy
(for some reason), and so the driver tries to use tty3a.

I've done "mkdev serial" several times to make sure tty3a exists.  It
does.  The call to (Unix) open(...) succeeds, we initialize/write
packets to the port, but we never read anything, the call to read()
just blocks forever.  Something's not right.

I've tried several things to jar it loose.  I've altered the irq to be
used for IBM-COM3 in /etc/conf/pack.d/sio/space.c (from 12 to
11,10,5).  I've tried enabling the #defines for SEL_COM3.  But still I
have no success.  I've also tried using COM4 for that matter.

I should say that the unix-boot messages indicate presence of the
Trimble GPS card, so I know the card is plugged into the PCMCIA card
ok.  I've tried the same gps cards in my Thinkpads, and they work just
fine.  I've also tried switching the enet card and the gps card
between slots.  Enet card works, but gps doesn't.

Do you have any documentation or other guidance on how to use
the Socket/Wimsey cards/drivers with SCO Unix?  Do you have any direct
experience with this configuration?  Do you have any references to
other users with this kind of configuration?  Do you have any
references to internet sources for help?

Desperate for help.