How can I use my Canon BJ200e with SCO open server 5?

How can I use my Canon BJ200e with SCO open server 5?

Post by Gimme Mymo » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have no idea if this printer is supported or works under SCO
i know it work with Linux, though...


1. Linux and Canon BJ200e

Hello, all...

Anybody out there have a good working setup for the bj200e?  I've been
fighting with it for a couple weeks now, and have very little to show (well, I
can print ASCII).  I've tried several different filters, and different
gs setups, but still can't print anything postscript.  It's annoying to have
to go into Win95 to do any sort of nice-looking printing.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and by the way...I have already RTFM, but
nothing I've tried has worked.

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