Adding a 5th SCSI-disk on SCO Enterprise System 3.0

Adding a 5th SCSI-disk on SCO Enterprise System 3.0

Post by Bjorn Lin » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have tried to add a 5th SCSI disk on SCO Enterprise System Release 3.0 with no
success. This was on a HP Netserver LM/66 which has Adaptec 2740 Twin Channel
SCSI-adapter.The server boots from the SCSI-disk with ID:0. When mkdev hd is ran the second time (after having rebuild and installed a new kernel) the following happen as fdisk is invoked:
        WARNING: Poll command failed on drive ID:4
        cannot open /dev/rdsk/4s0
My first guess was that something was wrong with the SCSI-disk. Not so. I have
tried a another disk and a wormunit, changed IDs on both with the same result.

Next I found that the /dev-directory contained no nodes for a fifth disk.I looked into /etc/conf/node.d/hd and found that file had no entries
for a 5th disk. Maybe the allocation of  virtual major numbers was faulting?
Dosn't seem so. A closer look on /etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice shows two hd entries:
hd      hoc      irobCcGk               hd      1       1       1       1       -1
hd      hoc     iobCcGkM                hd      80      80      1       256     -1

My belief was that /etc/conf/node.d/hd should have entries for the 5th refered to with minor numbers from 256 and above and that idmknod was to make these devicenodes during installation of the new kernel.

Am I trying to the impossible or is there a missing link?

Bj?rn Lind
Alcatel Telecom Norway
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Adding a 5th SCSI-disk on SCO Enterprise System 3.0

Post by Lucky Leavel » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Check the value of NDISK.  On OSE 3.0, it defaulted to 4, which may well
explain why the fifth hd causes problems. (On OSR5 it is 0 which means
the OS adjusts it dyanmically, or, it is no longer a factor.)

Also, check the value of NMOUNT, the number of mounted filesystems.

Hope this helps,

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Adding a 5th SCSI-disk on SCO Enterprise System 3.0

Post by Bjorn Lin » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Sorry I forgot to mention the value of NDISK, but it is 8, and NMOUNT is 29. So there seems to be something else.

Bj?rn Lindi
Alcatel Telecom Norway


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