Open Server 3.0 Keyboard lockup

Open Server 3.0 Keyboard lockup

Post by Cliff Bedo » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Replacing a 60MHz Pentium with a 90 MHz Pentium.  During testing, the system
appeared completely locked up.  Pushed the dreaded reset button.  On reboot,
got a message keyboard not found.  Power down and power up and it seemed ok.

I've seen several messages recently about keyboard lockup on Open Server 5.
I searched on SCO and only found references to problems on OS5.  Has anyone
else had problems on OS3 (3.2v4.2)  Email or post. Email probably faster

Thanks for any thoughts

Cliff Bedore
403 Radcliffe Dr. College Park MD 2040


1. KEYBOARD LOCKUP ON DELL 2200 WITH Open Server 3.0

        We are a small US Federal Government agency
which supports about 125 field offices across the US.
The computers are all Dell Servers and range in model
from SP466 to SP5133/2 to 2100 to 2200.
        Our field installation staff have been reporting
a keyboard problem on the latest Dell 2200's running
SCO Open Server Version 3.0.  The BIOS version on
these 2200's is A05.  The 2200's have 64 Meg of memory,
two 2 Gig Western Digital SCSI drives, DAT backups,
96 port Equinox Intelligent Serial cards, and an
   The problem is a simple lockup of the keyboard.
Entering <Alt>F2 will NOT give the user a new
screen.  The keyboard will be totally locked up.
Nothing entered at the keyboard will be displayed
on the screen nor will the computer react to
any keyboard entry.  It is not an /etc/ioctl.syson

   The only temporary fix at this time is
to unplug the keyboard cable from the back of the
computer and then plug it back in again.

   I think that the problem is a Dell 2200 problem
but MAY have something to do with SCO.

   Do you know anything about this problem?


        Darrell Tschakert

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