FS: SCO UNIX Sys V/386 Dev. Sys Release 3.2

FS: SCO UNIX Sys V/386 Dev. Sys Release 3.2

Post by Siva Chand » Thu, 19 Dec 1996 04:00:00

SCO UNIX System V/386 Development System, with all manuals, media,
registration cards and activation keys. This is Release 3.2.2,
designed to be installed on Version 2.0 of the SCO UNIX System V/386
Release 3.2 Operating System. Date on Registration card 05/07/91.

All manuals are still shrinkwrapped and the volumes are:
* C Language Guide
* Library Guide
* Programmer's Guide
* Programmer's Reference
* Device Driver Writer's Guide
* Developer's Guide
* CodeView/MASM
* ISAM User's Reference
* Product Engineering Toolkit Guide

Media appears to be 5.25" only. 2 pink unfilled registration cards with
attached activation keys are included. Release notes and license agreement
are also present. Package appears to be complete.

Asking $49 + sh. (bulky because of the documentation)
Prepay only. US buyers only please.