Disappearing Parallel port

Disappearing Parallel port

Post by Yves Lecler » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know why a parallel port would 'disappear' from OpenServer
5.x/Unix 4.x??   My parallel printer normally works correctly and then all
of a sudden I can not print to it.   Doing "lf > /dev/lp0"  hangs for
sometime and when I stop the process (kill key <DEL>), I get "can not
create" error message.

I am using OpenServer 5.0.5 Enterprise with the patches rs505a, oss497c and
oss600a installed.

Yves Leclerc
Maysys Consulting


1. Parallel port disappeared

Hi all,

I can't find my parallel port now that I've upgraded to Redhat Linux 6.1.
Is this something having to do with parports?  

Any advice on how to find out what might be wrong is greatly appreciated.


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