CD-ROM master for SCO-Openserver

CD-ROM master for SCO-Openserver

Post by Montelatic » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a software, working for the most common CD-ROM writers
(i.e. Plasmon, Yamaha, etc.) who is able to write data in SCO Openserver
filesystem format. I want to write on these CD-ROM historical data for my
accounting application.
I am writing from Italy, where this type of device/software does not exist.
All the software I know is for Windows, Dos, Winnt or Mac, but no software
driver for SCO Openserver.
Pls help.
M. Montelatici
Softwareuno Srl
Via F.S. Orologio, 6
35129 PADOVA   PD


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Just got my Free OpenServer CD and want to know if anyone has had more
like then I in getting it to recognize a Creative Labs CD-ROM Blaster
2x. The documentation on the drive is very skimpy making mention only
to the "IDE Interface card", a small 8-bit ISA card that came with the
drive. I don't know anymore about this drive besides that! I tried the
normal EIDE setup procedure in the setup notes on the CD, no luck. I
also tried running it off of the secondary IDE controller (like the
Sony IDE drives) with no luck also. Any suggestions?


Justin B. Helmig

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