cpu-count > # of cpu's

cpu-count > # of cpu's

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  We are using SCO Unix MPX 3 with Oracle
  There are 5 active cpu's. Via mpstat we have found that
  cpu 1 is utilized much more than the other 4. The cpu_count
  parameter in Oracle defaults to one. Can we assume that
  Oracle is only utilizing 1 cpu? Oracle support has stated
  that there is a bug with cpu_count reporting and initialy
  recommended that we force cpu_count = 5. However Oracle
  SupportLink recommends that we do not force cpu_count. No
  other solutions are forth coming. How can we get Oracle to
  recognize all available cpus. How do we verify that Oracle
  recognizes all available cpus.

  We have found 4 parameters in space.c that may improve Oracle
  performance under MPX. However I must relink unix and cannot
  so for until 10/25.

  If anyone has any insights about our situation I would
  greatly appreciate it.

                                 Thank you for your time
                                 John Z.


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    Is there a patch to fix this problem: Once and a while, the license manager
lmgrd.ste will peg a CPU (2 in this box) with activity.  It still manages the licenses
and can still receive lm messages (reread, shutdown).  This seems to happen, I have
noticed, if I ^C a compiler which is starting up.  When it goes down and I invoke it
again, it gives those annoying "socket in use" messages.  It eventually comes
completely up, but is not services licenses for those 5 minutes it complains
about sockets.  Any workarounds?


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