broken/missing symbolic links

broken/missing symbolic links

Post by Chris Boyc » Wed, 09 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I'm sure millions of users have experienced the "broken/missing
symbolic links" problem.  The only time I've been burned was when
my /etc/passwd file broke its link, resulting in two versions of
the file on my system... one in /etc and one in

Does anyone know how these links spontaneously break on an
otherwise perfectly healthy system?   Life seems to go on just
fine with or without the link in place, so should I care, or repair?


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1. Broken/missing symbolic links

I get this message occassionally on SCO OS5 sites. What happens that
causes these links to break? Occassionally I get /etc/passwd/,
/etc/group and /etc/shadow as well.


                Verify Report - Broken/missing symbolic links

Date    : Sun Jun 09 04:01:17 EDT 1996
User    : root
Machine :

Files With Discrepancies: 5
Total Discrepancies     : 5

Software selected for verification:

   All software on system

The following expected symbolic links are broken or missing:






These links can be repaired using the custom(ADM) verification
manager, or by hand.

Discrepancies Checked For:

   Broken/missing symbolic links

                                 End Report

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