HELP - Trashed Boot Sector, 3.2v4 and 3.2v4.2

HELP - Trashed Boot Sector, 3.2v4 and 3.2v4.2

Post by S. Scott Adam » Thu, 11 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Perform the following as root, from root dir:

dd if=/etc/hdboot0  of=/dev/hd0a

dd if=/etc/hdboot1  of=/dev/hd0a bs=1k seek=1

dparam -w

:) Scooter


1. HELP - Trashed boot sector, 3.2v4

OK, I hear you, but...

I just did this last night while moving from one disk to another
and dd'ed 512 bytes into the new block. and my partition
table as reported by fdisk _is_ correct.

I dd'ed from my Emergency boot disks, which were made from
a disk with a different table that I now have on the new disk.

I won't dissagree with you, but then why is this system working
right now as I type?  I'm confused.

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