Solutions for adding IPS Hop in Sendmail

Solutions for adding IPS Hop in Sendmail

Post by Kevin J Barn » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have an OSR5 system which I am going to be sending email to an ISP
to bounce out mail to the net.  The problem is this.

ISP name =

If my PPP link is up I can mail to!lkbarnes or

IF the link is down and I mail to!kbarnes the mail bounces

If I mail to!!kbarnes the mail is spooled until I
connect and issue UUCP transfer requests.

Question:  Should I change my sendmail .cf file to add the
onto the address or is there some other way around this issue?




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Hi all,

        Can anyone help me with a mail problem?

        I can get all my mail from my mail server but they don't say where they come from they say 'user unknown'.
When I look at the mail it is there in full but there is a message attached at the top
saying 'To many hops 20 used 17 is the max. i have increased the hops in the sendmail.conf
to 25 but now it says 28 is the, it appears to be always three out.

        Can anyone help me or explain what is happening! Thank you


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