Dell Pentium P90

Dell Pentium P90

Post by ghenrik.. » Sat, 26 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Since my last posting saying that I haven't had problems with XPS P90s from
Dell. I became aware of a later variant, the P90c. This is their "plug and
play" version. It is not particularly compatible with any 32 bit OS according
to Dell tech support. Thry reommend the higher end Pentiums. The main thing is
try it soon if you buy it, you have 30 days to return it.


1. LILO problem on old DELL Pentium XPS P90

I have an old DELL Pentium XPS P90 system. Recently, I upgraded the hard
drive  so that I could put linux on it. I now have a Seagate 1.08 GB
disk as master and a Quantum 5.1 GB disk as a slave on the same bus.

I installed Red Hat 5.1 (2.0.34-6). I now have

Seagate disk:   /dev/hda        /dosc (1GB)
Quantum disk:   /dev/hdb1       swap (128MB)
        "  /dev/hdb2       linux root / (1.5GB)
        "  /dev/hdb3       linux home /home (1.5GB)
        "  /dev/hdb4       /dosd (2GB)

Since my BIOS was old, I used Maxtor's EZ mapping which changes the
C/H/S on my Quantum disk to a new set of C/H/S. This enables me to get
around a 528MB limit due to an old BIOS. Also, all partitions have to be
less than 2.1GB  (according to Maxtor) and that is what I did. When Red
Hat linux boots (off the floppy), I see things like
Quantum 5.1GB [EZ mapping -->]
etc. flash by.

Trouble is, I cannot get LILO installed on either the MBR of the Seagate
or the root partition of my Quantum. When I install LILO in either
place, it stops at


So, I continue to boot off the floppy. Since I don't know what Maxtor's
EZ-BIOS has done, I'm not even sure if I can install LILO on my system.
(Incidentally, Maxtor's EZ BIOS and linux's fdisk seem to be very
compatible. They report the same partitions on the Quantum disk.) Has
anyone been faced with a similar problem. Any ideas?

Anand Rangarajan

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