Remote Line Printing with r3.2v4.2

Remote Line Printing with r3.2v4.2

Post by Tom Hale » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to setup Remote Line Printing on a small network (TCP/IP) with  SCO
r3.2 v4.2, but I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

When I try to print to the print server from the client (lp /etc/printcap),
nothing happens. I get the following error message:

request id is lpmarc2-4
lp: connect: Network is unreachable
jobs queued, but cannot start daemon

If I use rlpstat lpmarc2 on the client I get the following message:

scfdb2: Warning: no daemon present
lpmarc2-4       root      252

ps -fe shows me that the lpd daemon is running on the client and on the

The strange thing is, that if I shut down the client and boot it up again,
that job prints out at the print server. The princap file on the client looks
like this:


The name of the print server is scfrt1 and the name of the printer on that
server is lpmarc2. The network name of the client is scfdb2. This name is
listed in the /etc/hosts.lpd file on the server.

I can ping from one PC to the other and visa versa.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation.



1. Printing Problems in R3.2v4.2

I am running SCOR3.2v4.2 on a Compaq Proliant 4000 with dual P90's and a
couple of Corollary cards for point to point terminal connections.

The problem is this.  I have a Okidata 182 Turbo (Yeah, old, I know) set
up as a serial printer on one of the 8-port terminal concentrators
connected to the second Corollary card.  The device is then ttyb2.  The
problem is that I cannot get anything to print to the darned thing.

I know it is possible because we just moved the terminal concentrators
from an almost identical system (only difference being Compaq Proliant
4000 w/ dual P66's).  The systems are so identical that I have set them
up with all cards in both systems in the identical slots using the same
I/O addresses and everything.  The printer worked fine on the other
system.  I have disabled the getty process for the terminal and even set
it up as a printer in sysadmsh.  I can't even use the example: date >

I have followed all steps given in the SCO hardware book as well as
O'Reillys Essential System Admin and UNIX Power Tools.  HELP!!!!!!!

Thanks a million,

Jeromie Golab
University of Michigan
School Of Dentistry

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