Can use modem for incomming/outgoing???

Can use modem for incomming/outgoing???

Post by Jonathan Ch » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00


>Is it possible to have a modem line, eg tty1A, enabled for incomming and
>outgoing uucp and cu calls?

Yes. There's a section in the Manuals that go thru' this step by step.
It's a lot better that what anyone can tell you here.

[Although, there have been situations when the getty so thoroughly inteferes
 with the terminal device that cu could never make an outgoing call]



1. traceroute reply in both incomming and outgoing interface

Hi there all,

I want my linux-box when i use traceroute to reply with both on my incomming
interface and my outgoing interface.

Now when i use traceroute my linux only responds once, and with the nearest
interface to me
Let's say eth0 But I want to also see wich outgoing interface it
uses. For instance eth1 xx.xx.xx.xx or eth2 yy.yy.yy.yy. So the same box has
to respond twice.
On a cisco router this is not a strange thing to do.
Is this possible on a Linux?

Thanks for your time


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