SMTP & POP3 Server

SMTP & POP3 Server

Post by Ezy System » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Could anyone help me find a good freeware SMTP and POP3 server/s for SCO
Unix rel3.2 v 4.2

Thank you.

Ezy Systems Pty Ltd



SMTP & POP3 Server

Post by Jean-Pierre Radle » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Ezy Systems telecommunicated:
| Could anyone help me find a good freeware SMTP and POP3 server/s for SCO
| Unix rel3.2 v 4.2

Smtp is not a problem.   Either MMDF or sendmail talk smtp, and you already
have them.

For POP3, TLS049a has been on SCO's ftp site and in SCOFORUM on CompuServe
since March 1994.


1. Public Domain SMTP & POP3 Servers ??

    I work at a small (8 employees) company who would like to get
connected to the internet primarily for e-mail, but also for occasional
FTP, WWW, etc.  We are primarily a Macintosh office (Ethernet using
EtherTalk & TCP/IP) with a Sun SPARKstation IPX on the network which acts
as a file server for the Macs and also runs an optical CAD program.

    The local Internet Service Provider which I use from home, tells me
getting the office connected for e-mail is easy if I can get an SMTP and
POP3 server running on the Sun.  Are there any public domain versions out
there and if so where do I find them.  The connection to the ISP would be
over a dial-out 28.8K modem and I need to connect using PPP.  Besides a
modem is there anything else that I need in the way of software?

    Any help would be appreciated.  Are there any FAQs I should be looking
at for basic information?


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