DAT/SCSI problems

DAT/SCSI problems

Post by Bill Ehrm » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to install a temporary SCO server to copy some DAT
tapes that we have laying around and I'm having nothing but problems.
I've got a DTC 3x80AS ISA SCSI card in a 486 machine with a Segate
ST11200N drive on the internal bus and a HP 35480A DAT drive on the
external bus (all the termination is done properly to the best of my
knowledge.)   The system installed without a hitch from diskette and
will boot and run fine.  I can dump the root partition to a tape
without any problems, however, when I try to "tar tvf /dev/nurStp0" or
"tar xvf /dev/nurStp0" I get the following message:

PANIC:  timeout on swingrw

DOUBLE PANIC: already in dtcintr

Can anyone advise me as to what the problem could be and how to fix

Thanks in advance!

Bill Ehrman
Alliance Research, Inc.
(606)344-0077 x.191


1. HP DAT /SCSI Problem

I had problems with a HP c1533  (?) dat drive. Some people said use
shorter cables, that helped, in that I could then see a diskdrive that I
thought was dead! What did it though was switching from 1.3.60 kernel to
1.3.45, which someone else sugested. That did it. Now the drive works


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