Using Faststart with Virtual Domains and Mail

Using Faststart with Virtual Domains and Mail

Post by Kirk J. Farquha » Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:00:00

We're still struggling  with the Mail feature of the Virtual Domains on
our Internet Faststart. We continue to get a "Mail loops back to myself"
error when trying to send mail to Virtual Domain users. I've been
through all of the manuals I can find, O'reilly's Sendmail & DNS, the
SCO manuals etc. I'm pretty sure this is a DNS problem or something
REALLY stupid in but can't find my *oo. If there is
anyone using this feature I'd appreciate it if you could share your DNS
config and so I can gain a little insight.

Thanks in advance.

Kirk Farquhar


1. local users not receiving mail with internet faststart, virtual domains

Sco osr5.0.4

I am having a problem with sending across the internet to local users on
a sco openserver computer running sendmail 8.8.5 internet faststart and
virtual domains.

If the user is defined in the /usr/internet/ip/ passwd
file then the mail is received in the
/usr/internet/ip/ directory.

If the user is not defined in the above password file then lmail bounces
the mail with an unknown user message.

I have DISABLED=0 & SYSTEM_USERS=1 in the config file (which I read to
be: pop mail enabled,  use /etc/passwd)

If you mail a local user from the computer (ie mail root) the mail file
is placed into the directory /usr/spool/mail, even if the user has an
entry in /usr/internet/ip/...

The file is a generic tcp/ip setup without a smart host.

Can you mix local and ip mail together on the same server with virtual
domains ?  I desire to send mail to any user from both the inside and
outside to server.

Thanks in advance,

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