RMAIL errors on OSR5.0.4

RMAIL errors on OSR5.0.4

Post by Christopher Moor » Wed, 21 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I've got a headache.

After upgrading our head office machine to OSR5.0.4 from 3.2v4.2, RMAIL
is giving criptic errors processing remote mail. We've got 30 remote
sites, linked with dialup UUCP & using MMDF. The errors I'm getting are
most commonly the following:

 remote execution        [uucp job h0N1f4f (1/17-23:48:07)]  
        rmail chin                                          
exited with status 99                                      

        ===== stderr was =====                              
rmail: mm_rrply at end of message.                          

remote execution        [uucp job h0N1f4d (1/17-10:41:58)]  
        rmail chin                                          
exited with status 141    

Anyone know what errors 99 & 141 are? Sometimes the mail will route
correctly and other times these errors are mailed to mmdf postmaster.
I did have to change the machine names on all sites to lower case,
because OSR5 wouldn't support upper case anymore.


Chris Moore.