OSE 5.0.2 pop problems

OSE 5.0.2 pop problems

Post by Robin Cordova/Open Systems Consulting and Training I » Tue, 17 Jun 1997 04:00:00

OS 5.0.2 Enterprise, oss449e and rs4.0.a loaded and applied.
Pentium 166 on Tyan w/32 MB RAM.
Hub is a 3COM 10bT active hub
PC pop client: *either* Eudora or MS Exchange


Pop client attempts to connect to SCO Unix box to pickup users mail and
gets a message saying that the server disconnected them.  The message is
consistent between the two pop clients.  The *exact* error from Eudora is:

(error is displayed in a window entitled "pop3")
Error reading from network.
Cause: connection reset by remote side (10054)

In another location, OSE 5.0.2 w/ NO patches loaded or applied, Netscape
pop3 client is working fine.

The rs4.0.a contains a new popper (pop3) daemon ... is this the culprit?

I am afraid to apply the patches to the location where the pop is working
OK, and I don't trust that rollback's really undo all that was done.

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